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The Way to Go

A Miracle from Germany with a Box Gearing holding 40Kg and the Super bright LED Blinkers, you can adjust the Seat height, ride standing without a Seat, Toolset, go for the Developers Shop. This Setup cost with 165EUR Shipping and 95% Presetup and built ready to go, 2080EUR with the 20Ah 45KM LIthium-Ion Akkupackage, look the Shop for options, it is four standardised Industry 12Volts Akku Blocks built into a 4 Block Package. It has a loud Horn, maybe I add a more silent one when traveling the Bikeways, it is really loud. The E-Scooter is silent, you hear the fully featherd frame a bit because it is really so silent but very Powerfull, it rises the frontwheel a bit when fullstart from standing haha(I have 64Kg and this is the 600Watts Model). It is comfortable but the springs can be adjusted to your weight and taste. There are 30Ah and 40Ah Akkus too. I reccomend Lithium-Ion Akkus because, the Lead-Gel has only half range in winter, and the motor dies in the emptying of the Battery gradually, whereasinstead the Lithium-Ion keeps you same Powers from start to empty. The Lead-Gel Battery has 250cyles at 18Kg and the Liion can 1200 loading cycles and weighs only 5Kg. You found an excellent device with the small tire problems gone too. SHOP